Adult Classes

It’s never too late to start learning Vietnamese!

Agape School of Education offers Vietnamese courses for adults and corporations. Our student-centred learning environment focuses on the needs and learning styles of the students. We believe in giving students the opportunity to build a strong knowledge foundation and to develop learning skills.

Beginner I–IV

The Beginner course provides participants with a basic understanding of the Vietnamese language. Participants are taught Vietnamese phonetics, how to differentiate and to apply the different tones, and also to acquire basic vocabulary and use simple sentences to communicate. It focuses on Vietnamese pronunciation and daily conversational phrases.

As part of our holistic methodology, we also help students develop and understand interpersonal relationships in a Vietnamese setting, and Vietnamese lifestyles, culture, traditions and customs. Our teachers provide students with daily practical situations, dialogue, and modes of expressing opinions to help them gain the confidence needed to communicate effectively. Participants will also learn how to read and write Vietnamese characters.

Course Duration and Schedule

12 sessions x 1.5 hours per session (total of 18 hours)
Each lesson consists of three sessions.
Our lessons cover the following topics:
· Greetings
· Acquaintances
· Language and Nationality
· Addresses and Numbers
· Dates
· Time
· Introductions and Family
· Classroom
· Entertainment
· Directions
· Shopping
· Healthcare
· Food and Ordering
· Climate and Weather
· Phonetics