Curriculum for Vietnamese Language at Agape School of Education.

Students are given a basic understanding of the Vietnamese language with a focus on Vietnamese pronunciation, as well as daily conversational phrases. As part of our holistic methodology, we cover stops such as developing and understanding interpersonal relationships, and Vietnamese lifestyles, culture, traditions and customs. Participants will also learn how to read and write Vietnamese characters.

Beginner Vietnamese

(12 sessions­–1.5 hours)

§ Introduction to the Vietnamese alphabet
§ Basic introduction
§ Greetings and introducing yourself
§ Pronouns
§ Tenses
§ Adjectives
§ Time and numbers
§ Asking directions
§ In restaurants
§ At the bank
§ At the market
§ Classifiers
§ Business context

Intermediate and Advanced Vietnamese

Available Upon Request


These courses are designed for participants who wish to learn Vietnamese to fulfil personal or professional goals.